Objectiza is a designers & makers studio.

Every objects from our collection are made here in the studio, from design to manufacture, including the packaging.

Here objects are passionately manufactured, one at a time, because we care that each one represents our best.


Helder Fernandes

Lives and works in the city of Guimarães, Portugal.

Helder began his professional career even before college, as a graphic designer for the textile industry.

Studied architecture at Universidade Lusiada and since then, his works vary from architecture and interior design to product design, with special focus on furniture design.

His passion for craftsmanship led him to create Objectiza. 

We believe in living with fewer and better objects, well crafted, using durable materials, objects capable of creating emotions and attachment, manufactured with minimal environmental impact.

Our objects are made exclusively for you upon order. We do not create excessive waste or warehouse products. This greatly reduces our environmental footprint.

We look to create bridges between tradition and sophistication, between traditional woodworking and advanced manufacture processes like 3D printing, to create objects with a contemporary feel while carrying the artisanry spirit, objects that carry a style, a language, because we believe that design is also about sharing a culture, a vision, a lifestyle.


Objectiza was founded by the designer

Helder Fernandes

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